Monday, April 30, 2007

More shots from the garden

When I went out this morning I noticed that one of my container squash plants had bloomed overnight. It is gorgeous.

Did some more work inthe garden on Saturday. We planted canteloupe.


Grape Vine

Here are a few random shots of some soon to be yummy tomatoes.

This is the first year I have taken an active interest in gardening. I had to do it every day, it seemed like, when I was a kid and I vowed never to do it again of my own free will when I grew up. However, leading a political life, such as I do, I find that I need new ways of stress relief. Pharmaceuticals aren't my thing, even though it is a well known and documented fact that I enjoy smoking pot from time to time. Pot and pharmaceutical drugs are two entirely different ballgames. I can smoke a joint and work in the garden all day. If I were to take a pharmaceutical for stress relief (xanax or valium) then I would be a drooling, stumbling, bumbling idiot incapable of forming a complete sentence within half an hour. I wish I could grow pot. I just about guarantee I would have a blue ribbon, prize-winning garden every year. But...alas...sigh........

I get sick of the computer and I rarely watch any of the garbage that passes for TV these days. I am also sick of high prices at the grocery store for food that isn't even a 10th as good as what I can grow myself. I have found this to be a great and productive hobby.

I've had good luck so far. None of the wildlife on my property has gobbled anything up yet and everything seems to be thriving well. I am using Algoflash which is an organic fertilizer that I bought from Park Seed and it is some marvelous stuff. Get some if you want plants that are HUGE and covered in blooms. I am super impressed with the results thus far.

Hope all y'all have a great Monday and a fabulous week!!


Anonymous said...

Yay Loretta...the squash is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog.