Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Today, on what the weather forecasters say will be one of the hottest days of the year, I turn 33-years-old. I feel much, much older somehow. In two years I will be old enough to run for President.

Click here to see what famous people I share a birthday with

Any readers out there have a birthday today? Any time in the month of August?


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday, and many more!

No matter the weather, Loretta, you're always cool in some ways, and hot in other ways.....all of them good.

Anonymous said...

DId you ever vist Judge Hall's court?

Judicial panel picks 3 for post
Page 2 of 2

Hall, 44, a lawyer with the Huntsville firm Spurrier, Rice & Hall, specializes in personal injury defense, arson and fraud investigation cases. The 17-year veteran lawyer was a clear favorite during the first round. She received eight votes.

In her presentation, Hall said the court should find alternative programs to keep juveniles out of the revolving door of the criminal justice system.

“If we can intervene early, that would be the best thing,” she said.

Judicial panel

Hall, (REPUBLICAN) the sister-in-law of Madison County Circuit Judge Karen K. Hall, said the court should seek to reactivate its inactive three-member juvenile advisory committee. The committee had the power to impose punishment in the cases of first-time juvenile criminal offenses that did not involve drugs or violence.

“It is inactive at this time because there is not enough money to fund it,” she said.

The county spends $7 million a year to house and feed over 500 inmates. If the number of prisoners could be cut in half, the county would be able to fund other programs like mental health and drug courts and other diversion programs, she said.

Siniard, Wills, Hardin, Danner, Pate and Batchelor all voted for Starnes.

Starnes, 43, an assistant district attorney for 15 years, prosecutes mainly violent crimes.

A 17-year veteran lawyer, Starnes (REPUBLICAN) said because of the weight of the case load, judges in district court have to make decisions quickly. The judges have to be efficient and innovative, he said.

Casting their votes

Brown, Hardin, Danner and Pate voted for Rich. Siniard, Lockhart and Batchelor voted for Clark. Hardin and Brown cast a vote each for Robinson.

In the runoff, Wills, Lockhart, Batchelor, and Siniard voted for Clark. Pate, Hardin, Danner and Brown voted for Rich. Smith broke the 4-4 tie by voting for Rich, 42, (a DEMOCRAT) a lawyer with the Sirote & Permutt firm and assistant attorney for Madison County.

Both Clark and Rich are quality lawyers but, Smith said, his decision was based “on the years of litigation and experience Mr. Rich has had.”

Tanya said...

Happy birthday! Keep giving them shit woman!

Tyler said...

Happy Birthday Loretta.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Loretta.

33 is a great year. Drink it in and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loretta,

Been following your blog for the last year now. You are a most amazing person.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loretta,

Been following your blog for the last year now. You are a most amazing person.

Very Happy Birthday :-)

My birthday's on the 29th, 37 yo!

Stay strong, don't let the bastards grind you down...