Friday, August 10, 2007

Poor Kids Get Zero's

Yesterday was back-to-school day for my son who is in 10th grade this year. I am homeschooling my daughter and it's a good thing...I can already tell.

This year at Horseshoe Bend school uniforms of a sort are required. Jeans or khakis for pants and shirts must not have any writing on them other than say a Duck Head or Polo logo, shirts must be tucked in and a belt worn. Why they have to insist on a shirt being tucked in is beyond me or that a belt be worn for that matter. Are they trying to make the kids uncomfortable?

Anyway, that isn't the worst thing. In the letter from my son's geometry teacher there is a list of supplies required.

Pack of #2 Pencils
Loose-leaf paper
Blue folder with prong pockets
Pack of copy paper
Construction paper
Markers or colored pencils
Calculator with Trig functions
Roll of paper towels

Tape, paper towels, copy paper and tissues are the only items left in the room. Basically that means you are buying supplies that should already be provided by your tax dollars.

No big deal you say...all schools require kids to have supplies...but here is the kicker...

Items must be brought in by Monday, August 13. A zero daily grade will be given for each day that you do not have supplies.

Now, let's say that the supplies on this list cost $30....but a poor kids parents do not have it just now. It may be hard for you to believe that someone doesn't have $30 but it isn't hard for me to believe at all. Basically what this means is that poor kids will receive a failing grade for being poor.

What's up with that?

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