Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Woman Fights King on Sex Toys

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UPDATE:This story was just picked up by Flash News which is a company that provides entertainment news to the mass media. Everything they have ever covered on me before has blown up in a huge way. I expect this will be no different. If you are the media and need to contact me you can call me at

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The story is out in the Mobile Press-Register This story is front page news and above the fold to boot!! Many thanks to Brian Lyman.

Loretta Nall urges people to mail items to state's attorney general

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Capital Bureau

MONTGOMERY -- A former gubernatorial candidate and Internet blogger wants to use the mail to protest potential changes to the state's obscenity laws, urging people to send sex toys to Alabama Attorney General Troy King.

Loretta Nall has organized a "Sex Toys for Troy King" drive, in which she encourages people to mail the devices to the Attorney General's Office in Montgomery.

However, Chris Bence, a spokesman for King, said addressing vague language in the state law would best be addressed by the Legislature.

"We have 105 members of the House and 35 members of the Senate," Bence said Tuesday. "I would suggest (Nall) buy 140 items and send them to the (members of the) Legislature."

Nall, an Alexander City resident who was the 2006 Libertarian nominee for governor, said Tuesday that prosecuting storeowners is both a violation of privacy and a waste of time.

"It's absolutely outrageous an attorney general would squander our tax dollars and barge into our bedrooms and tell us what we can and cannot do in Alabama," she said. "We have real crime in Alabama."

A Jefferson County judge declined to close a sex toys store in north Alabama's Hoover earlier this month, saying the law's vagueness on what constitutes "adults-only enterprises" means the city can't close the shop.

Nall said she has mailed an inflatable pig to the attorney general's office. It should be delivered by the end of this week.

The state passed a law in 1998 banning the sale of sex toys in Alabama. Possessing the items remains legal as does the possession of condoms and virility drugs. The purchase of sex toys for "bona fide medical or other purposes" is also allowed.

Lower courts found the law unconstitutional in 1999 and 2002, saying Alabama did not prove a legitimate interest in regulating the trade, but the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta upheld the law on appeal in 2004, saying there was no constitutional right to sexual privacy.

The majority of justices did write that Alabama could repeal the law if residents decide "a prohibition on sex toys is misguided, or ineffective, or just plain silly."

Another suit against the law was appealed up to the U.S. Supreme Court, which declined to hear the case earlier this year.

The attorney general has not made a decision on whether to push for the change to the language, Bence said. King will soon start meeting with law enforcement officials to determine his legislative agenda, and Bence said strengthening anti-obscenity language in the law will be on the agenda if a majority of police say they want it.

The initial 1998 lawsuit was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union, two store owners and four women who said they needed the devices for medical purposes. Store owners have said they would invoke the law's medical exception to continue selling the items. Nall, however, said it shouldn't come to that.

"Maybe next time you'll have to show a note from the doctor that you have to buy that," she said. "I think it's ridiculous to have to give a reason to purchase something like that if we're over 18 years old."

You's really great to be me sometimes. Like today for instance. As for mailing every member of the house and senate a sex toy....I think I'll pass. There are only two peole in the legislature that I can think of that would push for a bill outlawing sex toys and they are Sen. Hank Erwin and Rep. Gerald Allen. Also, I haven't seen anyone in the legislature push for an anti-sex toy law....only the Attorney General's office has made it a huge issue. I predict that only the AG's office will push for anything like this in the next session so I say my sex toy drive for Troy King is proper. When he comes out with his new agenda for 2008 I bet you anything that will be in there along with a push for a new law to lock up anyone who sends the AG a sex toy in the mail.

I do hope that Troy likes his pink, inflatable, penetratable pig. I would have sent a regular blow up doll....but I wanted to encourage him to breed only within his species...hence the pig. I've also considered dressing up in a penis costume and attending the next press conference on this issue....however, I am afraid that in such a costume I might be mistaken for Troy King or any of the many dickheads that inhabit Montgomery, AL.

Get those toys in the mail!


Unknown said...

Oh, this is just so perfect... PRESS COVERAGE of your calling the Attorney General on his b.s., which makes him look very, very silly!

Thank you for making my day, Loretta!

Anonymous said...


"I do hope that Troy likes his pink, inflatable, penetratable pig. I would have sent a regular blow up doll....but I wanted to encourage him to breed only within his species...hence the pig. I've also considered dressing up in a penis costume and attending the next press conference on this issue....however, I am afraid that in such a costume I might be mistaken for Troy King or any of the many dickheads that inhabit Montgomery, AL."

I think I just peed myself I laughed so hard!

Anonymous said...

You made my day! Thanks for the laugh out loud, I neeed that. We must laugh to keep from crying.

mooncat said...

Great idea! I kind of doubt Troy King will know what to do with sex toys, though. He strikes me as the type who gets his jollies watching executions and so forth.

Loretta Nall said...

mooncat.....I agree with you but unfortunately they were fresh out of snuff videos :)

Christie O'Brien said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Loretta in a penis costume...I will buy our video camera for that ;)

Anonymous said...

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jane200 said...

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