Monday, November 03, 2008

Why German Shepherds are the GREATEST Dogs EVER!

Dog Saves Woman From Sexual Assault

Short video clip HERE

Some sick pervert claims to be the cable guy, unsuspecting woman with an 11 month old baby inside opens the door, sick pervert charges in, pushes her onto the stairs, rips off her shirt, puts his hand over her mouth, starts to rip off her pants and gets a very rude introduction to the family protection unit known as Gracie the German Shepherd. Pervert gets bitten twice and decides he has lost then hauls ass. He is still on the loose. I bet Gracie could sniff him out.

This is why German Shepherds are such awesome family dogs. You don't have to tell them when to eat ass...they are born knowing when things are wrong and their teeth are needed.

I hope Ms. Kendall treats Gracie to some prime rib or filet mingon for stopping what would have been a very horrible thing.

Long Live German Shepherds!!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful account. I've never had a pure breed German Shepard but I had a Shepard Rottweiler mix who made me go into the house when storms approached. He would actually run and side tackle me until I accepted being herded back into the house. Sadly, he is no longer with me. I now have a Shepard St Bernard mix. She is the best companion dog I have ever had. I have never needed them for protection but I feel people knowing the dogs I have has had something to do with that.

jim gundlach