Thursday, April 30, 2009

Animals and Veggies

Everything on my mini-farm is growing like crazy. Especially Sadie, as you can see in this picture. The camera flash made their eyes glow so they look like Devil Dogs. I find that really neat.

The first set of chickens and ducks are the oldest. The ducks have grown like mad too. If I were a duck eating gal they'd be bout ready for the dinner table. Luckily for them I am not. The second set of chicks are the ones I got from the 'Christian' chicken lady last Monday. They were in the house for the first week because the ducks were really giving them hell in the pen. Now they are in the small hutch beside the goat and the bigger birds are in the chain link fence. And then there are the veggies which are all growing nicely. I'm gonna be the first kid on my block to have fresh tomatoes. YAY!


Christie O'Brien said...

Wow you have been working. I can't believe how BIG Sadie has gotten!

CrazyCatLady804 said...

Me either, she is huge! Everything looks great!! I'm jealous.. :D