Thursday, April 30, 2009


I just finished this article in the Huntsville Times about the Senate District 7 race in Huntsville which pits Democrat Rep. Laura Hall against Republican newcomer Paul Sanford. This particular line really stuck out to me. No, lets be honest...IT PISSED ME OFF! BADLY!

GOP candidate Mary Scott Hunter, who lost in the primary, wasted no time hitting Hall as she urged her supporters to vote for Sanford.

"Her record in the Legislature is poor. She voted to legalize marijuana.

Mary Scott Hunter is a LIAR. I am no Laura Hall fan (this year Hall abandoned her principals and dropped our bill and picked up a bill to outlaw salvia.) I really have nothing but contempt for her at this point. Either stand up for what you believe in or set your ass down. However, the record needs to be set straight here.


That's a damn shame too, mind you.

What Rep. Hall did do for about four years was sponsor the Alabama Compassionate Care Act which would provide protection from prosecution under state law to doctors who recommend and patients who use medical marijuana to treat the side effects of cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, chronic pain, osteoporosis and a host of other illnesses. That is far different than 'voting to legalize marijuana.'

I am sick of hearing Republicans scream about 'socialized medicine that would put the government between you and your doctor'. Just what the hell is the difference here? The Republicans want to be involved in your health care decisions if they seek to prevent you and your doctor from discussing/using marijuana as medicine...and that is the same thing. Socialized medicine. HYPOCRITICAL FUCKS EVERY ONE OF THEM!

Cancer and other terminal illnesses impact everyone. Republicans are susceptible to them as well as Democrats. They'd be wise to remember that. Should they be stricken with cancer or some other debilitating terminal illness, of which marijuana can help alleviate the suffering, they need not call me for least not until they change their tune.

Now, send Paul Sanford an email (especially if you are in his district or are a medical marijuana patient) and tell him that Mary Scott Hunter needs to clarify her statement. You might also mention that you are tired of your health care being subjected to childish, petty, unscientific opinions mostly put forth by the Republican party....even though very few of them are doctors. I don't believe any Republicans in the Alabama Senate are doctors. Mention that it is socialized medicine for Republicans to stand between a doctor and matter what their 'justification'. Human suffering shouldn't be used as a political football.

Here is the email address

Get typing!

UPDATE: Mary Scott Hunter's campaign website is still up and there is an email address listed for her

No idea if it works....but am about to find out.


Anonymous said...

So has the bill been droped from the judiciary commity this year?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what is the status of the bill? Pls provide an update.


Loretta Nall said...

I pulled HB434 on April 7, 2009 from the judiciary committee que. This was done because on that day ACC learned that the judiciary committee would not pass HB434 as written, (even though our internal polling said they would pass it) but sent us word that they would pass the 2006 version of the bill which mandated that medical marijuana be dispensed through an FDA licensed pharmacy. That is impossible since it isn't an FDA approved drug.

I saw no point in dragging sick people to Montgomery for fight for a bill that won't, in reality, do them any good as it doesn't provide for a safe supply.

Rep. Patricia Todd, our sponsor this year, has agreed to sponsor us again next year and work with us over the break between sessions to craft a bill that everyone can live with.