Sunday, May 03, 2009

NO TROY...Don't Shoot the Pig!

Another BRILLIANT toon from our favorite editorial cartoonist J.D. Crowe Please visit his site and leave your comments.


Anonymous said...

ROFL at that one!

Nasty looking bulge on Troy too.


Christie O'Brien said...

NOOOOOOO not the inflatable pig!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny. If Troy wants to prove he's not involved with your stuffed toy then he needs to publish a youtube video of himself destroying it. Otherwise, we can all assume the _very_ worst. But that raises a quandary then: after all, what if he did destroy the first one (but really didn't want to)? Then it gives him one more chance to get his rocks off, if he follows my suggestion, orders another one, and publicly tapes himself getting rid of it. ...LOL.
That would raise more questions than him not getting rid of it publicly.

But if he gets rid of it now, what has he been doing with it all this time?

Will his staffers vouch that has been publicly displayed as a gag in his office (but not behind closed doors in Troy's personal office!)?

If so, what questions does that raise about his staffers?

Are they a whole group of "any port in a storm" Republicans? (a la Larry Craig)


Loretta Nall said...

BHAM News calls Troy King a WEAK SISTER on gambling!!!