Saturday, December 27, 2008

Year in Review

As 2008 draws to a close it is time for a year in review.


The Sex Toys for Troy King campaign gets an honorable mention in Village Voice

BHAM News prints three letters in response to a goofy propaganda prohibition piece. One is mine

DAME Magazine covers Sex Toys for Troy King...and humiliated Dan Ireland too boot

JD Crowe, the fabulous editorial cartoonist for the Mobile Press Register continues with his excellent Troy King toons. Long live JD Crowe.

Troy says Trixie is the only pig in town

Troy King gets mocked by a former Alabamian

Military Tactics no use in war on drugs LTE in the Montgomery Advertiser

Drug Tasc Forces around the state begin to squeak because their funding gets cut

The DA of Bessemer comes out against the drug war

I check out Obama in BHAM

Alabama State Treasurer Kay Ivey offends my son and then sort of tries to redeem herself and fails.


LTE: Cops Don't Deserve Compassion

I broke my foot! Was damn sure big news to me!

Loretta has fun harassing 'The Man'

Alabama Legislature launches crusade against harmless plants.


LTE Against Student Drug Testing

LTE:Anti-Drug Efforts Haven't Worked

Last Word: I battle it out with Narcotic s Sargent Jim Henderson in the BHAM News

LTE: Funding anti-drug work not wise policy

Anolther Last Word on Student Drug Testing

Another Last Word on Cop Welfare


No Senator, We Won't Pay for your Health Insurance

LTE: Stun Gun Bill Violates Constitutional Rights


I'm Letter Writer of the Month at MAPINC

My Son Alex is Acepted to Alabama School of Math and Science (He's doing very well too!)

Pictures from my 420 Adventure with my Canadian best friend Marc Emery

I'm On the Canadian National News Throwing Joints to a Lively Crowd

A Legislator Says I'm Having an Impact

(May was a really slow month where I spent lots of time watching our legislature do nothing while in session and gardening the rest of the time)

International Activism

June (June was also a slow month for letter writing and a busy month for gardening)

Salvia Letter in Cullman Times


So they say my nemesis Troy King might be gay. Myself and other bloggers had a field day exploring whether or not that is any truth to that rumor. We never discovered Troy's sexual orientation but we sure had a lot of fun at his expense.

If I'd a knowed that I'd a sent him a blow up boar hawg

Some Radio pals of mine pen a tune for Troy

Troy King Employs "What about the children?" in his defense

LTE: Waste of Money

Media begins to sniff around edges of Troy King's sexuality

Montgomery Independent sniffs a little

Montgomery Advertiser examines Troy King's pay

Birmingham News Investigates Troy King's Top Aides (and King's reported lover) Salary

Media Scrutiny of the Salary Story picks up

JD Crowe Chimes in with Hysterical Editorial Cartoon

Troy King Refuses of Deny Rumors on Dale Jackson's Show


The Media is still hot After Troy

Sex Toys for Troy Makes HuffPo

August 10th I turned 34

Troy King Story makes HuffPo

Tuscaloosa News Compares Troy King & John Edwards


My oldest Brother died unexpectedly. That's really all I remember about September


LTE: Riddled with Mis-information

Letter of the Week at DrugSense


LTE: Make Medical Marijuana Legal

Allow Medical Use


A Response to my letter in the Tuscaloosa News

A response to my letter in the Montgomery Advertiser

Drug Policy Reform Questions Top List at Obama's (The marijuana question came in at #1 followed by questions about medical marijuana at #7 and drug policy questions took 16 out of the top 50 question slots)

Drug War Double Standard

My Awesome Daughter Wins the Spelling Bee

LTE: Let Pot Smokers Fund Education

LTE: Why Deny People a Chance for Relief?

My Awesome Daughter Rocks Out at the Band Concert

LTE: Tax Marijuana to Fund Schools

And in the Mobile Press Register

I hope these kids had an awesome Christmas

Here is what was under their tree when they woke up

LTE: Tax Marijuana for Education in the Anniston Star

And that brings us to a close. This hasn't been my most active year but I am happy with it. Looking back through the last 12 months of this blog helps me to realize just how much I have accomplished. I hope all of my readers had a great 2008 and an even better 2009.


The Ripley Porch said...

If there were a contest for Alabamian of the Year....I'd have to say its Troy King. Troy has stumbled a couple of times, and hasn't fallen down you got to give the guy credit.

Loretta Nall said...

Nah...Troy is much better suited for Hustler's "Asshole of the Month". If only they had an asshole of the year award.